Aerial Videography

Aerial Videos may be comprised of solely footage of the exteriors, thus enticing listing click-throughs for photos/videos of the interiors; or may be combined with interior photos and videos for an all-encompassing production.

All Aerials are captured by a fully licensed and insured pilot for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

Aerial Videography allows the pilot/editor/producer to:

  • Capture and Present Landscapes in a unique way
  • Present the overall scale of buildings and property
  • Add “sizzle” to any video with exciting angles and exploration of space

Our Aerial Videos will be played repeatedly by your prospective clients and are edited to be enjoyed again and again.

                Aerial Photography

We go to great heights to find unique perspectives of buildings and property lines with our drones! 🙂

Aerial Photos are an exciting way to show elements not necessarily viewed by the curb.

All Aerials are captured by a fully licensed and insured pilot for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems.

Aerial Photos allows us to:

  • Show property lines superimposed on the actual property
  • Show the entire property in one photo
  • Where possible, we show proximity to landmarks (i.e. lake, downtown)
  • Take photos where no person has ventured before

Our Aerial Photos are often so picturesque, that we get requests by sellers for copies for forever memories!

                Interior Photography

We have a passion for capturing interiors.  We work with many lighting and filter options combined with camera settings to show “the full room” wherever possible.

While taking photos room-to-room, we also enjoy capturing unique accents and picturesque windows.

Interior photos are an art, and we enjoy working on this ever-changing canvas.


                Exterior Photography

In addition, we capture decks, terraces, and other amenities plus any landscaping highlights.

While we tend to lean heavier on aerials for exterior photos, we also take Exterior Photos with a DSLR camera by hand.  Photos “from the ground” and a familiar perspective for prospective buyers.

                Floor Plans

We go room-to-room measuring every wall, closet and alcove, along with every window, door, and major appliances.  Floor plans make your listing stand-out, and increases the traffic online and in-person!

  • According to Zillow,
    • “…a floor plan is the 2nd most important feature on a listing and correlates highly with capturing potential leads…”
  • in a study by Rightwave,
    • adding a real estate floor plan to a property listing can increase click-throughs from buyers by 52%
    • Over a third of buyers said they were less likely to inquire about a property without a floor plan
    • 1 in 5 buyers would ignore a listing that does not include real estate floor plans


                360° / 3D Virtual Tours

During these uncertain times, the need for click-through virtual tours is at a higher demand more than ever!

We take a 360° camera and take it room-to-room and capture the entire layout.  The Matterport software stitches the photos together allowing us to provide an MLS-compliant link to embed right in the listing.

Usage data shows visitors to are increasingly using these features. There was a 50% increase in users sorting properties to show those with a “virtual tour” first between April and September 2020.

                Video Walk Through

We also provide Video Walk-Throughs utilizing high-definition cameras on stabilized gimbals resulting in a smooth tour of the interior of listing, as a stand-alone video or to complement the exterior videos.


                Virtual Open House

Lights… Camera…. Action!

Creativity is key during these uncertain times.

ShowYourListing has developed a concept to host Open Houses Virtually!


  • Webinar-type event / livestream
  • Questions about the listing in the “chat”
  • HD Mobile Camera for “live tours”
  • premiere of video assets
  • scheduling of private showings virtual or in-person

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